Guillaume Tual

Guillaume Tual

Accreditation and Certifications

  • Animal Flow Instructor - Level 2
  • Rehab Essentials - REHAB Trainer
  • Muscle Activation Technique - Be Activated Level 2
  • Advance Instructor Course L2 - Thump Boxing International
  • Registered Exercise Professional with Fitness Australia 
  • Certificate 3 & 4 in Fitness - Australian Institute of Fitness
  • Certificate in Nutrition - Cadence Health

Guillaume 'Gee' Tual

Born and raised in France, Guillaume has always loved an active lifestyle so it is second nature for him to share his passion.

Guillaume began his career playing professional basketball in France and gained a Bachelor of teaching English and French as a second language. He has been an avid skier and at every opportunity has made his way back to the mountains. Guillaume moved to America to work in summer camps where he taught basketball and swimming later moving to the mountains where he became a ski instructor and technician. 

In 2006 Guillaume moved to Sydney and continued his work as a ski technician - becoming one of the best in the Southern Hemisphere. He had a keen interest in Bio Mechanics and combined with his love for movement and health leading him to establishing Altitude Fitness and Health in 2010. As he has continued his studies, Guillaume re branded his business in 2017, now known as Peak Movement reflecting his growth, passion, knowledge and expertise in health and movement. 

Guillaume has a lust for life and an infectious enthusiasm for his work. He's not just another personal trainer - Guillaume customizes his approach for each individual, their needs and goals.