Peak Movement


Guillaume "Gee" Tual founded Altitude Fitness & Health in 2010,  now known as Peak Movement embodying the change and growth in his  education and training as a fitness professional. Guillaume has built a reputation as a dedicated and professional  trainer specialising in

  • Body Weight movement training,
  • Rehabilitation
  • Ski Fitness
  • Personal Training.

Guillaume has a desire to see people improve their overall health and fitness through movement. Challenging the way people see fitness, because it is so much more than pumping weights in a gym or going for a run. He takes the time to learn and understand what each client needs, customising a program that incorporates their personal goals through his understanding and experience of health and movement.


Customised Programs and Training


Guillaume is an incredibly diverse trainer.  If you're looking for a Rehabilitation, Ski Fitness, Movement , Animal Flow  or a Personal Trainer - Guillaume is the perfect person to come along side you to help you achieve your goals.